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University Flooring sells Italian Ceramic Tile often used as ceramic floor tiles. Some of the benefits of Italian Ceramic floor tiles include...

  • Natural beauty
  • Resistance: ceramic tile is not altered by time
  • Cleans up easy
  • Ceramic tile is nearly indestructible
  • Hygiene: ceramic tile is recommended for bathrooms and kitchens and any other area requiring regular sanitizing and water resistance
  • Fire resistant: ceramic tile does not burn. And if ceramic tile comes in contact with fire it does not give off toxic fumes
  • Direct exposure of ceramic tiles to sunlight does not cause fading
  • Ceramic tile is resistant to abrasion and tread wear
  • Chemical resistant
We offer a wide selection of Italian ceramic tile, the photos below show some of the Italian ceramic floor tiles University Flooring offers. We offer professional installation and the ceramic tile comes with a manufacturer's warranty. Warranty length depends on ceramic tile selected. Visit our show room to talk with us and look through our full selection of Italian ceramic tile.

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